Welcome to the Adopt a Mine portal—a partnership between several organizations and individuals, dedicated to abandoned mine preservation, raising awareness about the problem of overzealous abandoned mine lands reclamation, and the historically destructive tendencies of government agencies. Many historically and geologically significant mines have been backfilled and sealed, never to be opened again. Increased Federal funding and marketing from government agencies such as the BLM, NFS, and state operated Oil, Gas, and Mining divisions are making it more difficult to fight the reclamation efforts in an attempt to keep these historic sites open.

It is our hope that through our Adopt a Mine program we can work together to preserve and protect abandoned mine lands to be shared and experienced by countless others for generations to come.  You can help the Adopt a Mine program by nominating sites to the Adopt a Mine Register.  We will do everything in our power to protect and preserve abandoned mines from destructive reclamation.  Use the link above or the the right to submit a mine.

Staying Safe

Learn to be safe in and around abandoned mines.

Extent of Problem

Learn what has happened to historical mine sites.

What’s Being Done

Learn about preservation efforts.

About AMLs

Find out where they are and what different types exist.